the digital representation of your natural river,

covering all the relevant hydraulic aspects of the water body perfectly
Testing and Training
Virtual Risk & Real Benefit

NEW available from 15.10.2018

Mike1D by DHI
The new numerical engine in Virtual River
2D-Simulation in Virtual River
HYDRO_AS-2D by Hydrotec
Best practice when dealing with flood plains and retention areas
How to use Virtual River:
"Do it yourself" or "Ready to use Systems"

Virtual River is literally a “virtual river”,

modelling and representing the hydrodynamic behaviour of a real river.

Three challenges – one solution:

When developing and parameterizing control units and control systems

(f.e. water level control) Virtual River is the perfect framework for testing and for final acceptance tests.

When training the staff of hydro power plants

Virtual River can – similar to a flight simulator – provide any scenario at any time. Thus, staff can be trained for critical situations which (hopefully) hardly ever take place (e.g. major flood events, malfunction and breakdown).

Digital Twin providing supplementary data

Implemented as a parallel system to the real world, Virtual River provides valuable data for surveying and managing the real river systems.

Number of simulation runs with models, also used in Virtual River


operative forecasting systems


daily simulation runs


over all simulation runs since beginning of operating

Virtual River combines the hydrodynamic simulation with the exchange of data via a standardized interface.

During the simulation Virtual River takes over and incorporates each input given by control units or – in case of training staff – by a trainee.

In return Virtual River provides “sensor data” of any arbitrary location in the model.

Starting with version 4.0, Virtual River will have Mike1D from DHI as a second 1D-hydrodynamic engine, and HYDRO_AS-2D from Hydrotec is available for 2D simulation.

The decision to cooperate with DHI and Hydrotec was our first and vital step for heading towards providing Virtual River worldwide.

Basically Virtual River is a software package being available “of the shelf”.
It is designed for Microsoft Windows and can be used with any current Windows PC.

When using Virtual River you have got the following options:

purchase of the software

and independent implementation of the models

„Ready to use“ systems

including acompletely implemented model and a parameterised OPC-UA-interface

getting support, training, supervision by GR-Consult and DHI

By providing “ready to use systems” we mainly adress those project partners who agree to have Virtual River as a common basis for final acceptance tests of control units.

Thus, we provide models which are implemented by a team of senior experts in the field of hydrodynamic models. All models are based on detailed discussions with you in order to clarify the focal aspects and all relevant hydraulic structures. The models will be proven and ready to be used in standardized formal testing procedures (e.g. factory acceptance tests).


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