HYDRO_AS-2D by Hydrotec

With HYDRO_AS-2D as a 2D model, we are expanding the focus of Virtual River to all those applications in which extensive flooding and flow processes, where the flow paths are not known a priori, are in the foreground.

As a basis for the sustainable integration of HYDRO_AS-2D, we have concluded a cooperation agreement with Hydrotec, through which we can safely, and long-term ensure the great advantages of HYDRO_AS-2D:

HYDRO_AS-2D is well established and with a broad community of modelers using it for decades.

Our cooperation with Hydrotec also gives our customers direct benefits from Hydrotec's decades of know-how in the development and use of HYDRO_AS-2D.

In Virtual River, we use the standard version of HYDRO_AS-2D. Thus, you can always use the latest version of HYDRO_AS-2D with Virtual River without waiting for any adjustments in Virtual River.

HYDRO_AS-2D was originally developed by Marinko Nujić at the University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich.

The program has been developed in cooperation with Hydrotec since 2015, and Hydrotec has been fully responsible for development and sales for several years.

We consciously use simple, transparent interfaces for integration in Virtual River.

In this way, we ensure that the 2D models that we use in Virtual River can also be developed and maintained by a broad community.


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