System Design

Virtual River joins the simulation using a non-stationary numerical kernel with the interaction of external modules. For linking simulation and external modules Interfaces using industry standard are provided.

For the simulation in Virtual River the numerical kernel is slowed down to real time. The basic numerical approaches are completely identical to the use of the kernel in “standard operation”. That is why any model created for FLORIS and MIKE-1D can be used with Virtual River.

Real Time Simulation

Every 0.5 seconds, the system apprises you of the water levels and discharge rates for each cross section. As a result, even highly non-stationary processes – like sudden increase of discharge, tripping of turbines, etc. – can be investigated easily.

Building models

Applying Virtual River, you can use all the options which are provided by the hydrodynamic kernels for “standard-application”. The details of a river system – or even a hydro power plant – to be modelled, shall be selected during the general design phase of a project. And there is a wide range of options and methods being available.

modeling the hydrodynamics of arbitrary river sections

open channel hydraulics and discharge simulation in force pipe, siphon and reservoirs

weirs, gates, dams supporting combined structures

controlled structures and objects

Another Taste of Reality: Measurement Errors and Disturbances

If so desired, you have the option of configuring Virtual River to display erroneous measured data.
Virtual River can simulate random and systematic errors, data losses and transmission errors.
It is very easy to assign parameters of these disturbances, and they can be combined one another in any way desired.

loss of data

delays in transmission of data

random ``measurement`` errors


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